Thank you all!

We are biased, we know: but we can’t help but say that the conference was really fantastic. An incredible turnout; fabulous papers; and nearly $20,000 raised for the Mary Beth Norton Undergraduate Research Fund (thanks to MB’s decision to match the nearly $7000 we’d raised by the time of the conference and the equally generous matching contribution by a former undergraduate of hers.) We are so grateful to the many brilliant, kind, interesting people who gathered together to honor the one and only MBN, and to those who followed the conference from near and far. The celebration concluded with wonderful tributes to the great lady: a standing ovation from the assembled attendees at the conclusion of MB’s closing remarks, and Serena Zabin’s (and Chris Brunelle’s) marvelous limerick:

Women’s history makes no apology 
For the Mary Beth Norton anthology. 
For the works of this sage
Are for every age:
The public, the grads, and the college-y. 
When we needed direction, we sought hers,
And she’s rendered us Liberty’s Daughters
Now we all are a-swim in
The study of women, 
it’s she who has charted these waters. 
Cliometrics can’t count all the years
That she’s molded our minds and careers
But one number reveals
how each of us feels
For Mary Beth Norton, three cheers
Stay tuned for pictures! And again, our heartfelt thanks to you all for your support.
Molly & Susanah

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